Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Saab Classic 900i Convertible

I've had this car a long time (see my first post, April 2011) but I have been working on it!
As you can see it has 239,000 miles on the clock but the engine, gearbox, steering and suspension have all been replaced with salvaged items from a 75,000 mile car. When you drive it it drives like a 75,000 mile car.
It also has a new rear hood section (the expensive bit!), some nice classic aero alloys and the rusty passenger door has been replaced.
When it is sold it will also have a new windscreen, MOT and service.

I'm looking for about £2,500.

Please call or email:
020 8892 3232


Look what I've got!

A very cool 96!
This is a replica rally car but very nicely done.....

Saturday, 13 April 2013

This verona green 96 has only 51,000 miles (sorry Olive).
Sadly low mileage = lack of use which = problems with the brakes.

I can supply reconditioned master cylinders, callipers and wheel cylinders as well as new brake hoses and hand brake cables.
I have good second hand drums but sadly no discs at the moment.

Drop me a line if you need your V4 brakes sorting.

There are some good 9000s left!
When fitting new front brake hoses on a V4 don't forget the little copper washer between the hose and the calliper.
In twenty years I've never had a problem with using the old one!

(apologies for the rubbish photo!)

Friday, 22 March 2013

This is Olive, a particularly nice old 96 in my favourite colour of verona green.

Sometimes I get a V4 in and you can just tell that the indicated 104,000 miles is genuine, Not 204,000 or 504,000! The seats aren't shot and the suspension doesn't crash and groan over speed-humps.

Olive is one of those! A lovely old car with an excellent owner.